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aluminium grandfather clocksAfter years of experience in the clock industry, I wanted to create a beautiful grandfather clock, based on the finely proportioned clock cases of the 1700’s, but with a modern twist. This fabulous longcase clock is the result and editions of the clock are now being made by our team of highly skilled craftsmen in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

The ‘Lincoln’ Longcase is a unique design and concept being made from a special high grade polished aluminium or from exotic bronze [or a combination of these metals]. There is an extensive choice of mechanisms available to suit each individual buyer’s requirement. The ‘Lincoln’ is of classic style, yet delivers a timeless beauty through its simplicity.

The clock is available in three different heights to suit its environment. Bespoke dials are created to our own specification and can be personalised to suit our customers’ wishes. We also offer the option of engraving, or provision of your family crest, on the dial or a panel of the clock case.

A stunning heirloom of the future.


hand crafted specialist metal clocksWe’ve been established in the clock and watch industry for over 80 years. I learnt the art of watch and clock restoration from my father, who opened his first shop in 1935 in Lincoln, establishing a successful retail jewellery and clock business.

In 1989 I developed a parallel specialist clock company exporting tall case clocks to collectors in the USA. Based in California, this included many years exhibiting at the prestigious San Francisco Fall Antiques Show. Having acquired a comprehensive understanding of the design, manufacture and marketing of specialist clocks, I went on to create bespoke contemporary longcase clocks, made in Great Britain.

In 2003, working closely with metal fabricators and engineers, I set up a business manufacturing spectacular grandfather clocks out of polished aluminium and bronze. With a distinctly contemporary edge, these clocks were unique to the market and were a resounding success.

The Lincoln LongcaseLincoln Longcase FaceLincoln Longface Back

Jewellers and Clockmakers Since 1935

The  Lincoln Longcase is made in Great Britain by MWC Ltd.

                                                   Our clocks are made from 100% recycled metals.