Lincoln Quotation


“A classic design with a modern twist”

Every Lincoln Longcase clock is created for its owners as a unique, bespoke, personalized handmade Edition.

The Lincoln is MADE IN BRITAIN, hand crafted in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire;

Each clock is stamped with a unique Certified Edition Identification number and supplied with a matching certificated invoice.

Every clock is offered inclusive of either:

A fabulous hand crafted English oak or ash interior, with beautifully crafted drawers and shelves for storage of your special personal possessions


A bespoke high security gun cabinet [exceeding BS 7558] within the clock providing guaranteed police acceptance for storage of guns. [and more valuable possessions]

Your Lincoln clock can be enhanced by the provision of your personal FAMILY CREST * or other unique DESIGN * which will be programmed and crafted by us and incorporated into one of the clock panels: at the back; on the side; or on the front / base panel of your clock.

Ownership of the above digital master file comes to you for your use on other items in the future.

A choice of height options for the clock.

A high quality mechanical spring driven 8 day clock mechanism with chime on / off facility with 2 year guarantee.

A choice of either a brass or polished aluminium dial / face. *

A personalized engraved plaque fitted to the clock interior or clock dial / face. *

THE LINCOLN LONGCASE.  “An heirloom of the future”


“The Lincoln” designed and created by Marcus Wilkinson, 2nd generation clockmaker; “Wilkinsons” was first established in Lincoln in 1935.

*Hall marked solid silver option available