Gun Cabinet/Clock Safe

THE LINCOLN CLOCK SAFE: a gun cabinet to be proud of!

no more ugly gun cabinetsclock with a secret gun cabinet

Key Features at a glance

  • Police Approved
  • Exceeds current Police Standards – suitable for Shotguns & Part 1 firearms
  • Fully welded construction, 14 swg (2mm) steel
  • Interlocking door with full length anti-leverĀ flange, concealed hinges
  • 7 lever safety deadlocks with steel bolt and full length anti-jemmy return
  • Doors on larger cabinets have two locks for added security
  • Gun divider and floor mat
  • 100% Police acceptance guaranteed
  • Made in Lincolnshire under exacting controls and standards
  • British engineering – built-in quality

A bespoke British made independently tested gun cabinet built to BS 7558 is supplied within the The Lincoln clock safe

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Clock with a secreted gun cabinet Lincoln Longcase With Hidden Gun Cabinet closeup of a guncase hidden inside a grandfather clock